Single Sewn Round - L&R with Rings and Tabs

Single Sewn Round - L&R with Rings and Tabs


"L&R" = Loop and Rivet


These beautifully crafted handles are made with 100% geniune leather, sourced from North American hides. The core (3/8 dia) is solid leather, unlike cheaper options which use a fabric filler.


These handles can attach to a variety of textile bags (sewn, felted, knitted, woven) with either coordinating leather tabs or DIY fabric tabs. 


Please note: If you need a matching pair- please buy them as a pair from the other listing HERE.


Note that due to these handles being hand made, they do vary in length, these are sold as "singles" due to not having a perfectly matching mate. if you do buy multiples of "singles" with the intention of using them together, there may be minor differences in the length.



Purchase includes:

1 handle at selected length and color with rings.


Hourglass tabs can be purchased HERE

Regular tabs can be purchased HERE


You need:

Tapestry Needle



    100% leather outer and 100% leather core.


    30 day return policy. We gladly accept returns if product is not what is expected.


    We will ship via USPS- unless otherwise indicated. Our small 2 person shop will package items as tight as possible to keep shipping low.