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We love baskets with duel purpose. This Basket makes a great wall hanging while storing all those plastic bags!

Your purchase will include:

1-Bag Keeper Basket Pattern

1- 8" Handle, hand painted with the "Plastic Bag" and floral detail

1- "Plastic Bag" tie-on with floral detail to match the handle


Pattern was written by previous business owner Karen Booth.

Please note the materials list- in addition to the weaving materials you will also need the wooden base which features a center hole.

Base can be purchased from Cornerstone Baskets


Click HERE to purchase the handle and tie on set only.

Click HERE to purchase the Basket Pattern only


Note that this is not a basket kit.


*Wholesale Accounts*

Discount will not apply towards the basket pattern.

To receive a discount on the handle + tie-on you will need to reach a $100 order min first, to order please email

Bag Keeper Basket Pattern + Handle, Tie-on

Flower Color
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