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Hello! Nice to meet you!

What a year huh?

2020, no offense, but we are all ready to kiss (read as "kick") you goodbye!

Ok, ok, maybe it wasn't a total disaster. Dumpster fire? Yes. But totaled, nothing to be recovered?! ... Nah.

In my part of the world a couple big things happened: I got MARRIED, and Pat and John delivered the entirety of the business to Cape Girardeau. This business is now officially all. my. own. BIG stuff!

So maybe this wasn't the ideal time to quit my dependable finance job just to sit in a shop with a fraction of the orders we normally fulfill. Boy was I looking forward to traveling with Pat and meeting all you awesome creators at the shows and conventions! But hey- maybe next year! OR, you could send me a little invite and have me travel to you! Visit your store, or classroom, ehhh?

In case we haven't met, this is me! Pat's youngest daughter, Madelyn Hussman.

I think I take after Pat on a lot of things (maybe not quite on basket weaving though..,) and I will most certainly try to continue to provide Pat's upstanding service and supply the best product to you- but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

I cannot wait to meet you allllll!

Happy Holidays and the best of the New Year to you!


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